181/182 Ridge
Tuna, both Bluefin and Yellowfin are being found along the inside of the ridge this morning. Some are on birds and others being seen jump and on blind jig stops.
32.45 x 117.42 Bluefin jig stop. Lost at boatside
32.43 x 117.43 Yellowfin jumpers

Early reports had a bunch of dry kelps around 32.57 x 117.12, which is almost on top of the 289.


South 9 Mile Bank / Coronado Canyon
Some Bluefin are being seen this morning. 1 spot was on a kelp at 32.22 x 117.29
Another was hooked and lost boat side on a cedar plug at 32.23 x 117.27.
Some but not every kelp is holding small Yellowtail. ! of these was found at 32.20 x 117.23.

Report from Jeremy:
Fished yesterday afternoon. Headed for the break running outside the canyon.
Put the trollers in about 15 miles from the point and picked up this guy on the zuchinni seven strand at 31.27 x 26.72.
Only fish of the day. Found 10 or so empty paddies. Tons of porpoise and terns working bait outside the nine.

425 / Upper Hidden Bank
Not a lot of guys out today. Heard about 1 good kelp and the skipper tried to hand it off and got no takers
32.02 x 117.32 Yellowtail kelp.

475 Knuckle / Upper Finger bank
Hit and miss kelp paddy fishing. Some are holding and many are dry.
32.06 x 117.06 Area of Yellowfin, Bluefin, Yellowtail and Dorado found yesterday. Fish were found in a 5 mile block around this number.
32.04 x 117.10 good kelp

Not a lot of info coming from this area today.
Most of what we are hearing is of dry kelps

Report from the Heritage:
Fished west of the 425 and south of the 371 area. Found a good YT kelp at 32.10.515 x 117.31.050. My guests got their limit on that kelp and we headed towards the 371 and found 3 kelps close together just south of the high spot for a nice Dorado. The Dorado had huge gouges and chunks ripped out of it. I’m thinking a Marlin must of kicked its ass. Great day on the water! Water temps 67-68.
This report has 2 pics that would not upload into the report

Tuna Pens
Be advised the Mexican Navy is in the area. You must remain 250 meters away from the pens at all times.
The hot spot is near the south set of Pens.
Some doing good while others are finding the action tough.
Also in the area around the pens are some very good kelp paddy’s with Dorado and Yellowtail. There is a very strong temp break running right through the area of the pens right now.
The Kelps with Dorado are on the east side of the area about 5 to 8 miles and down to the Southeast.
There is also some Yellowfin and Skipjack being found on jig stops and some of these Yellowfin are also on the kelps.
The yellowfin jig stops are also coming from the east and South east of the pens. No big numbers of Yellowfin right now but they are around.
The location is moving around a bunch. The upper most pen is at 31.51 x 117.16 and they are stretched out to the south to 31.49 x 117.15

Report from Kyle on the Fortunato:
Began tripout of San Diego and picked up 6 scoops of a horse dine, Spanish Mack mix of bait, made it on on 390 at 4:45am.
Trolled around the eastern edge of the bank for nothing and visited 6 decent sized kelps but none were holding.
Made our way to the upper hidden bank and hit a couple kelps that were also not holding.
Decided to make our way down to the tuna pens and about 4 miles Northwest of the tuna pens we found a massive kelp paddy the size of two garage doors.
Fished it for a while and immediately hooked up with yellowtail, then dorado, and right before leaving the paddy we hooked up with a bluefin on a sardine that had been soaking for a while.
All-in-all a slow day made successful do to the discovery of that one magic paddy.

213 to the Airplane
Some big 60lb class Bluefin are showing this morning.
The general area is located at 31.46 x 118.02

Big Bluefin is the word around this area. Some good stops on 60-70lb grade Bluefin have come from around 31.40 x 118.15 and around 31.38 x 118.13
A few kelps in the area are holding a few Yellowfin, Yellowtail and Dorado.