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Imperial Beach
Halibut are beginning to show again. The hard bottom area around 32.33.09 x 117.10.00 in 20 to 30 feet is the focal point.
Most of the Halibut are legal fish with very few shorts. The big ones are in the 20lb class.
In addition to the Halibut are some Sand Bass, Sculpin and Tom Cod.
32.34.00 x 117.12.00 IB Flats
32.34.50 x 117.09.60 IB Kelp
32.33.00 x 117.09.00 IB Kelp
32.33.09 x 117.10.00 IB Hard Bottom and Bull Kelp
32.32.30 x 117.10.80 IB Pipe
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Coronado Islands
The Yellowtail bite appears to be on the upswing. It is running at right around 1 fish per rod for the sport boats.
At Noon today, the San Diego called in with 30 Yellows and all of them are in the 20 to 25lb class. The Mission Belle says they have 40+
Private boaters are not fairing as well due to most of the fish are being found on the scanning sonar and are being caught on Yoyo iron.
Once in a while a spot will pop up on the surface and bite the fly lined Mackerel or Sardine. Or they are jumping on the Surface Iron.
The hot spot is changing every day, but the best locations remain the Weather side of North Island, The Lee of North Island, The Middle Ground, The Gun Site.
The past couple of days has seen the Yellows go off at SKR and the Rockpile.
Bottom line here is to stay mobile, keep your eyes open and watch your meter closely for marks of Yellowtail or bait.