This is Captain uncle Tony Pony with a live report. Today’s group decided to upgrade a 1/2 day 6 hour trip with two extra hours. This gave us the option for a farther reach, and we decided to fish down towards Imperial Beach. Bonito jig stops initially on the way down, one bait fish. Found large school off IB PIER in 100′ of water. Caught 5 yellowtail on multiple jig stops. We continued to fish a rockpile that rises to 75′ in depth. Caught two legal Calico Bass and one Johnny Bass. Conditions were bass ackwards; a southern wind was dominating against a trickle of downhill current. The boat laid broadside on the anchor in a large swell. We rather not get all of our passengers sick, and the bite just wasn’t good enough to stick it out. We have elected to troll back into the harbor and fish Halibut like the 22 pounder we caught on Sunday. That’s all for now, stay posted

As luck would have it, we caught our largest Bonito of the day on the way back to the harbor, around 4 or 5 pounds. Once inside, we found an onshore SW wind countering an outgoing tide. We prefer to have condition that allows the boat to drift and cover some ground. We caught one spotted bay bass on the final drift. Not a bad day all things considered, I’d take 5 yellowtail any day on a local near shore trip.

That’s all for today folks, stay tuned!