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What We Offer – The Long Run Sport Fishing Charter Fishing San Diego

Our crew is very helpful and accommodating. We are here to make sure that you have the best experience while out to sea. We offer all the fishing gear you need for the type of fish we target and will help you at any time if you so desire. We do all the filleting and cleaning of the fish so that you can celebrate relax or just catch up on sleep on the way home. We are veteran fishermen and women but love to introduce the sport to newcomers.
Captain Mike has 30+ years and Owner/Captain Nate has 26+ years of experience running charters in local waters and locating proven spots utilizing extensive knowledge and techniques for the best bites possible. They and their crew will do their best to make sure that you have a great and productive day of fishing while aboard “The Long Run” or our new addition “Witchy Woman.”

What To Bring

Feel free to bring whatever gear and supplies you want including fishing tackle, ice chests, food and beverages. You are welcome to bring alcohol, though we cannot provide it. We ask that each fisherman brings 10 lbs of ice for trips under 12 hours and 20# of ice for trips 12 or more hours to cool down the catch. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, bathing suits, towels, dark colored or older clothes, a jacket, and sea-sick medication if you need it. If we are fishing in Mexican waters you will need Mexican fishing permits; which are available at all landings in Point Loma (ie: H&M Landing, Fisherman’s Landing, Angler’s Choice, etc). You will need a US fishing license if just fishing in US waters. For a one day license you can get with a credit card at (800)565-1458
Although there is never a guarantee in catching, you can expect a great day of fishing with a fun and knowledgeable crew. We are out there many times a week and have extensive first hand and second hand knowledge. We always do our research!

The Long Run and Witchy Woman Differentiators

The Long Run is a 42′ Trawler with a full walk around which most 6 pack boats don’t have.  This is of huge benefit when in a bite where the fish are hung and taking anglers around the boat.  The distance in between lines is imperative in preventing tangles.

The boat is very quiet and does not smoke like many of the larger vessels.  This is good for the anglers avoiding nauseating fumes and gets the fish coming to the boat.

The benefits of riding a 6pack as opposed to a “cattle boat” are numerous, for example, more private ie; less competition for the fish.  When trolling from a 6-pack vessel, every angler will almost a rod in the water as opposed to a rotation on the bigger boats where each angler only has a shot every 5-6 troll stops.   Smaller groups tend to have fewer fishing and personality related conflicts you often see on commercial boats.  We work together to get fish on the boat which is much more productive and positive than the “every man for himself” attitude frequently experienced on the commercial boats.

“Our crew is equipped to take still photographs and video of your catch, so you can concentrate on fishing”.  Once your photos or video are downloaded we will link it up to our “The Long Run Sportfishing” or “Saltwater Fishing in San Diego” pages on facebook for your viewing.

Unlike other 6-pack vessels we have options for larger groups up to 13 passengers that are geared towards local fishing or company cruises, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties etc.

At the end of the day we are no more expensive than the commercial sportfishing vessels since we offer free filleting, tackle i.e.: rods reels hook lures etc.  You can also save on food and drinks by bringing your own though we can provide food at request.  There are no “additional fuel surcharges” or any other hidden costs.  We don’t expect half of the jackpot or charge to cut and package your fish.

The fish are taken very good care of and put quickly on ice which is rarely the case with the “Sporties.”  We also are able to provide much more attention to the anglers whether it is for untangling lines, baiting the school or gaffing the fish.  We have two crew members min for 6 anglers which is a very manageable ratio..

Though The Long Run is a serious fishing vessel, it is also beginner friendly.  This means that we are very able and willing to allot extra effort in helping novice fishermen and women and children with getting the big ones aboard.  Our goal is to educate, with patience, those who are gracious enough to charter our boat. We feel that fishing is an amazing outlet for kids to focus their energy in a constructive manner.

A clean, comfortable boat with plenty of room for six anglers to fish, relax, lay down and take a nap, full use of our kitchen, two full restrooms etc., etc.

  • Free unlimited parking
  • Free rod and reel use…BYO or use ours
  • Free terminal tackle
  • Free fish filleting and packaging
  • One crew member for every three anglers

The absolute best place for new or novice saltwater anglers…we’ll help you out every minute of the trip and make sure you have a good and productive fishing day.

OUR NEW VESSEL: “Witchy Woman” is our exhilarating option for those who want to get on the fish fast and get home.  She is a 31’ Scorpion Chris Craft completely re-fit in 2018 and boasts twin 225 horse power Yamahas. Topping out at 61 MPH makes her the fastest charter boat in Southern California.  The sleek design enables her to cut through the wind chop at high speeds keeping it smooth on deck. This vessel has very high end electronics w a large Garmin Touch Screen Sonar/GPS. She does have a cuddy with a head if needed and a tuna tower for the stabilized binocular spotting.  There is no way to cover more water any more efficiently.

Some Favorite Boating Activities in Southern California

Fishing our local waters to 220 plus miles from Point Loma. Surf trips to Point Loma (Ralphs, Dolphin Tanks, Doughnuts, Little Wieamea, Uppers Lowers, Abs. etc.)  We typically BBQ and chill out while you guys surf so there is plenty of good food and drink when you return from the session famished.  Surf Trips are a 4 hr minimum which is $440 divided by the 6 person max. is $73 per person. Fishing is pretty good at these spots as well so feel free to use our gear.

Take a sunset dinner and/or booze cruise around the bay. 

Boat over to Humphrey’s and watch a concert.

Go for an evening sunset cruise. Dock at Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner. Anchor and watch a summer Pop’s concert from your boat…sometimes there are fireworks at the finale.

Go for a day cruise. Anchor at Glorietta Bay for lunch, or anchor at La Playa for dinner. Jump in for a refreshing swim!

Reserve a guest slip at another favorite marina for the weekend.

Plan a weekend raft-up at La Playa with your boater friends. (Don’t forget to reserve permits in advance at the Harbor Police office.) Bring kayaks, small sailboats, or other water toys.

Take an overnight trip to Mission Bay. Anchor at Bonita Cove or get a slip. Go bodysurfing at Mission Beach. In summer months, cruise over to Sea World, for a close-up view of the fireworks at 9:50pm.

Go to Catalina! If you’ve never picked up a mooring, have a qualified person explain it to you, perhaps drawing you a picture. It’s a little tricky, but really not that difficult. Pick up a cruising guide. 

San Clemente has excellent Diving, Freediving, Spearfishing and Kite Fishing for the Cow Bluefin Tuna much of the year.

Take a trip to the Coronado Islands. Anchor in the lee of South Island. You’ll feel like you are way down in remote Mexico.

Take a trip to Ensenada. Stay at the beautiful Hotel Coral and Marina. (Reservations recommended for slip and rooms)  Your group can sleep on the boat and use the 5-star Hotel facilities if you like.

Whale watching.  Enjoy being graced by the majestic Blue Whale, the largest Animal to have ever lived on this planet, which is making quite a comeback.  Gray Whales Fin Whales and Rizzo and Common Dolphin are also frequently seen playing in our local waters.

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Catering is available upon request. We look forward to seeing you aboard!

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