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4 Pack Boats also available

Pricing for 31’ Witchy Woman (45 knot vessel!)

Semi Private (open party) We do patch anglers together if you don’t have all 6!        

Bay Cruise 4-6 hr ($225/hr) ($900-$1350)

Inshore/Local Offshore & Kelp Bed Fishing 5-8hr ($225/hr-up to 6 passengers) ($1125-$1800)

Yellowtail Islands 8-10 hr ($1800-$2250)

Shark Fishing ($150/hr-up to 6 passengers)

Offshore Kelp Paddy Full Day Fishing 8-10 hr ($1800-$2250)

Full Day 11/hr (Witchy Woman-San Clemente Island) Cow Bluefin Fishing. ($2500)

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